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I want to share something very important with you. At the end of this competition, there will be a 1st Place Winner, 2nd Place Winner and that talented group who came in 3rd Place. There are no losers here! Each team will receive a beautiful certificate letting your clientele know that your salon or spa took part in a Championship Competition. By celebrating your hair team and their abilities in your city and place of business, they will be viewed as being one of the very best. It creates a win-win for all. This event will provide an incredible amount of exposure for your salon and your talented team of professionals.

I am not looking for teams that think they are good for THE GLOBAL BLOWDRYING CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION. I am searching for those professionals who KNOW they are good and are the VERY best. This competition is for stylists who are passionate about their craft and want to showcase their creative abilities. The event will highlight the very best of our much beloved profession. After 30 years in this amazing industry, my goal is to preserve the integrity of blowdrying as an art. Its importance and value need to be recognized in the same way as a great haircut and great color. Sadly, blowdrying is taking a back seat in our business...but it will not happen on my watch!

My fellow hair professionals, over the years our industry has been divided and specialists have been created for haircutting, hair color and chemical work. I am fearful for our industry. I strongly believe that this very valuable and specialized skill of blowdrying is becoming a lost art. Please, let us all come together as that strong family of hair masters.